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Episode #6: Introduction to the Five Points of Calvinism, Part Two

Episode #5 only got us to the letter “L” in the TULIP acrostic. We deal with the “I” and the “P” in episode #6, Irresistible Grace and the Perseverance of the Saints. Will any of those for whom Christ died ultimately be lost? The Scriptures are clear in their answer. Because of recording issues, the […]


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Truth and Love

Call it a soapbox, a pet peeve, nit picky, grasping at straws, merely semantic or too staunch, but I need to get something off of my chest. TRUTH AND LOVE ARE NOT WORKING AGAINST ONE ANOTHER. There I said it. So what? No one is disagreeing with me right? Well, maybe not in word, but […]


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Mother Kirk

Yesterday was Mother’s Day; did you visit your mother? If you are a Christian I hope you did. I’m  speaking of Mother Kirk, of course. Who is she? Kirk is the old Scottish or northern English name for church. Mother Kirk is the character from C.S. Lewis’ novel The Pilgrim’s Regress, the one of whom […]

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Episode #5: Introduction to the Five Points of Calvinism

What are the five points of Calvinism? Who was John Calvin? Are these teachings biblical? What is their significance and what is at stake with these doctrines? These are the questions we try and answer on episode five of Hamilton’s Flame. Listen Now or right click and save to download