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About Patrick Hamilton

Patrick Hamilton (1504-1528)

In the 16th century the sound of Martin Luther’s mallet could be heard throughout the continent and isles of Europe. A young Scot named Patrick Hamilton came into contact with Luther’s teaching while studying at the University of Paris. Hamilton returned to Scotland to proclaim the truths rediscovered in the Reformation only to be tried as a heretic and burned at the stake outside of St. Salvator’s Chapel in St Andrews . Hamilton, only 24 years of age, was silenced that day but his flame spread like a wildfire. Patrick Hamilton’s death only led to the furtherance of the Protestant cause.

Hamilton’s desire, that is proclaiming the glory of Christ in one’s homeland, is the impetus for this site. It is born out of the desire to bring the Reformation home and seeks to do so by giving an answer to frequently asked questions and an explanation of the Reformed Confession of the Christian Faith.

Listen to Sinclair Ferguson on Patrick Hamilton

About Joshua Hinson

Josh is husband to Christen and father to three energetic boys: Camdyn, Cayde, and Carsyn – and to one daughter, Carolyne, who is due in May of 2012. Josh was born and raised in Northeast Florida and was converted to Christ in the Fall of 2002. Sensing a call to the Christian ministry Josh began to pursue a theological education in North Carolina and served as a part-time youth minister. During this time Josh became more and more familiar with and convinced of the truths of the Protestant Reformation. A zeal for this truth gave Josh the desire to return to the region of his upbringing, and to take the Reformation back home. Josh now resides in Southeast Georgia, is a member of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Brunswick, Georgia, an M.Div student at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, and has been licensed to preach by the Savannah River Presbytery in pursuit of ministry in the Presbyterian Church in America.

Okay, enough with the third person. I don’t love writing, but I feel compelled to write. I don’t do it very well, but I have always done it. I guess I do it (as some have said) to make the voices in my head go away. I had a blog for a few years (which I am going to leave online for the indefinite future), but I always struggled with the desire to keep it going. The same struggle may very well continue with this site, but I feel that my focus will be more narrow. I was not raised in a Reformed Church or in an area where Reformed Theology had any influence, so naturally I am constantly asked questions by family and friends regarding Reformed theology, piety, and practice. This is the place I hope to think through and pen down (or more accurately, keyboard)  my answers for those who are unfamiliar with or just coming to understand the Reformation. I believe Reformed Christianity is as B.B. Warfield said “Christianity come unto its own” and I pray that God would be exalted among those I love. Soli Deo Gloria

For the glory of the Triune God and the good of his people,

Joshua Hinson

About Jesse Pickett

Jesse Pickett is currently a Pastoral Intern at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, PCA (3722 Belfort Road), in Jacksonville, Florida. He is a licentiate of the Presbytery of Northeast Florida. Jesse resides in Hilliard with his wife, Kristin, and his two children: Harrison (2 yrs.), and Ella-Katherine (<1).

Jesse is a graduate of  Trinity Baptist College and a student at the Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary where he is pursuing a Masters of Divinity. Upon completion of theological training, Jesse intends to pursue a vocational pulpit ministry in the Presbyterian Church in America.

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