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Church planter at Covenant Life PCA


Hamilton’s Flame has a New Home

Babies are born, papers are finished, and final exams are turned in. This could only mean one thing – we finally have enough time to maintain Hamilton’s Flame again. Here is the link to the new site. You will find the podcast links and all previous (and soon enough new) material there. If you’re following […]

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The genre and interpretation of the Song of Solomon

GREENVILLE PRESBYTERIAN THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY             THE LITERARY GENRE OF THE SONG OF SOLOMON                             BY           JESSE PICKETT                             The […]

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Exegesis Matters- A Plea to Pastors by Jesse H. Pickett

Recently a good friend and I were having a conversation. With this particular friend, as our conversations usually go, the subject turned to preaching, and more particularly exegesis. He told me that he had mentioned the word exegesis from the pulpit, and that afterward someone in his church had approached him and asked if exegesis […]

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Herman Bavinck of the Perseverance of the Saints

Whatever apostasy occurs in Christianity, it may never prompt us to question the unchanging faithfulness of God, the certainty of his counsel, the enduring character of his covenant, or the trustworthiness of his promises. One should sooner abandon all creatures than to fail to trust his word. And that word in its totality is one […]

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Episode #11: Ordinary Means Part Two, The Saraments

What is a sacrament? Should we even use that term? What does Paul mean that Christians participate in the body and blood of the Lord and proclaim his death in the bread and wine? How are we to understand the passages that speak of baptism saving us and washing away our sins? We try to […]

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Episode #10: Fundamentalism and the Gospel with Jesse Carr

We welcome Jesse Carr to the podcast on episode #10 to discuss fundamentalism, its historical context and caricatures, and how he as a fundamentalist pastor of a Reformational persuasion preaches the gospel in this context. Jesse is the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Morganton, North Carolina. You can find his musings at his blog, […]

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FREE Audio of J.I. Packer’s Knowing God

Christian Audio offers a free audio book each month and this month the offer could not be better! J.I. Packer’s modern classic Knowing God is profoundly theological, consistently biblical, and refreshingly readable (or listenable, if that is a word). Do yourself a favor and take advantage of this great resource.

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